Located in the city centre, Kaarina-talo (literally ‘Kaarina House’) provides a range of services and events from the Library and Tourist Information to monthly changing exhibitions for locals and visitors alike. It serves as an excellent venue for concerts, lectures and debates as well as festive events. Outdoor events from musical performances to flea markets invite people to this pulsating heart of the town.

Several permanent works of art are an integral part of the architecture of Kaarina-talo. For example, Genius loci, a real-time generative video installation by the artist team IC98, has decorated the Library area since the opening of Kaarina-talo in 2018. The most recent contributions from late 2020, namely a relief by Anu Halmesmaa and a photographic triptych by Vesa Aaltonen, bring a reflection of forest and nature into the interior space.

The building stands out in the urban setting when its exterior is illuminated with different colours for festive seasons, local events or different thematic occasions.

There is a lunch restaurant in Kaarina-talo.

Lautakunnankatu 1

Lautakunnankatu 1, 20780 Kaarina, Suomi

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