St. Catherine’s Paths

St. Catherine’s Paths (Pyhän Katariinan polut in Finnish) is a network of hiking trails in the Vaarniemi and Ala-Lemu areas in southwest Kaarina. The routes criss-cross in a varying environment: there are rocky hills and steeps, groves and coniferous forests, cultivated fields and sea views. Highly significant for its natural values, the rocky Vaarniemi area is part of the Natura2000 protection area of Rauvolanlahti. In addition to adventure in nature, the area is of interest for history enthusiasts. You will find bronze-age burial barrows, and this is where the famous Battle of Lemu took place in 1808. The Ala-Lemu and Yli-Lemu manors as well as the Vaarniemi residence tell their own stories about the local history and life in the past.