Kuusisto Art Manor

Kuusisto Art Manor is a summer gallery for contemporary art. The historical manor built in the 1700s that served as a museum from the 1980s to the year 2012 provides an exceptional milieu in terms of both architecture and culture. The annually changing exhibitions are curated. Part of the works are placed outdoors in the front yard and orchard, either for a summer or permanently, for you to view 24/7. We also arrange different types of cultural events at the manor; for details, visit our website and facebook.com/kuusistontaidekartano.

Café Villikahvila treats you with delicacies with distinctive flavours deriving from wild herbs, berries and fruit from own garden. You can enjoy them out in the garden, if you wish. The idea is to provide visitors with a multisensory cultural experience, with a chance to break loose from the everyday life, to wonder, to reflect on values and the good life. The Art Manor has no entrance fee.

On weekdays, when the public transportation operates, you can take a Föli bus to the parking area, and walk the remaining 300 metres to the Art Manor and further continue to the Bishop’s Castle ruins. If you prefer cycling, the distance from the main road is about 6 kilometres along the old country road, and you can return via another route through the forests and along the seaside.

Linnanrauniontie 577

Linnanrauniontie 577, 21620 Kaarina, Suomi

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