Kaarina Guides

The Kaarina Guides Association (Kaarinan oppaat) offers guided bus tours and tours in places of interest within the area of the City of Kaarina. Places of interest include, for example, the Bishop’s Castle ruins in Kuusisto, Kuusisto Art Manor, Kuusisto Church and graveyard, Piikkiö Church and graveyard, Tuorla Manor and surroundings, Rauhalinna nature trail, King’s Road and the historical area of Lemunniemi. Guided walks are also arranged in the areas of Hovirinta, Littoinen and Piispanristi.

The members of the association are trained tourist guides authorised by the Federation of Finnish Tourist Guide Associations.

Together with a guide you will see, experience and learn more!

Contact: Lea Heinonen-Eerola, +358 (0)40 0520 110, kaarinanoppaat(at)gmail.com