Statues and memorials in Kaarina

The name of the city, Kaarina, derives from Saint Catherine (Pyhä Katariina in Finnish), the patron saint of the old parish church. In the park next to Kaarina-talo, you will find a granite sculpture depicting Pyhä Katariina. In the area of Lemunniemi, there is a bronze statue named Kuoleva soturi (‘Dying soldier’) in memory of all soldiers killed in the Battle of Lemu in 1808. The Veteran Memorial Stones are located in central Kaarina and in Piikkiö. Near the Church of Kuusisto, there is a memorial stone honouring the men of Kuusisto who fought in the Winter and Continuation Wars in 1939–1944. Nearby the former railway station of Littoinen in northern Kaarina, there is a granite stone with a plaque commemorating the historical fact that V. I. Lenin got here off the train when escaping from Russia in 1907.


Kasarminmäentie, 20760 Kaarina, Suomi

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