Tuorlan Majatalo

Tuorlan Majatalo (“Tuorla Inn”) is a restaurant and hostel located in a beautiful manor setting, along the historical King’s Road, some 13 kilometres east from Turku. Tuorlan Majatalo serves delicious country food and offers a pleasant environment for outdoor recreation through all seasons.

Here you can feel an authentic country atmosphere. The restaurant and the old-style shop are located in a building that was built in the 1820s to serve as the farm foreman’s home and office. Served every day of the week, the lunch is comprised of home cooked foods made with traditional and local recipes. The Tuorla area is also home for the Väisälä Space Park and the Rural Institute Livia.

Thus, Tuorla offers anything between the earth and sky: from authentic countryside with cows grazing on the meadows to the wonders of the space shown at the Planetarium. In summer, some chicken and sheep are kept in the yard for the joy of the younger guests, in particular. The Tuorla area and adjacent forests are a popular outdoor recreational area.

The culturally and historically rich Tuorla area provides a great setting for a pleasant weekend, regardless of season or weather. Take a walk along the nature trail to explore the special natural environment of the area. For children, there is a troll path in the forest with fun tasks to do. Tuorlan Majatalo and its surroundings are optimal for a pleasant meeting, family party or company events.