Kuusisto culture and nature trail

The trails in Kuusisto enable you to experience nature and history in a unique combination! The nature trail rises through spruce woods up to the lookout point on Kappelinmäki hill. The view over the fields and forests, with a glimpse of the sea, is spectacular. On top of the hill, there are two wooden table sets for you to enjoy a picnic. The route continues down to the historical ruins of the medieval Bishop’s castle. Next to the castle ruins, you will find a picnic area with a campfire, a toilet and a summer kiosk.

In summer, Kuusisto Art Manor is open for public, offering varying contemporary art exhibitions, together with the delicacies of the café. Around the year, the dead-wood sculpture trail provides you with an opportunity to enjoy art immersed in the nature.

The island of Kuusisto is accessible by car or boat but it is also a great destination for cyclists or canoeists.

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