Camilla’s boat rental

Camilla’s boat rental (Camillan Venevuokraus) offers a boat service between Raadelma beach and the Kuusisto Castle Ruins. If you wish, you may drive the boat yourself (with a guide onboard). The boat operator must be at least 15 years. The boat is equipped with life vests, so there is no need to bring your own.

A maximum of 5 persons or 2 persons with bicycles are allowed onboard.

The boat service is available from 6 June to 10 August 2021 every day from 12 noon to 8 pm (on Thursdays to 9 pm) weather permitting.

You can order for the boat by calling +358 (0)40 21 44 358, if there is no boat on the shore.

The service enables you to easily visit various locations on either side of the Kuusistonsalmi strait. The service also offers a new access route from the mainland to the Archipelago Trail via the historical and cultural destination of Kuusisto Castle Ruins.

Payment options: cash, Paypal and Mobilepay.

Linnanrauniontie 633

Linnanrauniontie 633, 21620 Kaarina, Suomi

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